Gondola Shelving Pricing

Pricing for the Double Sided Gondolas.

This is the comon pricing per section. For discounts on larger orders please call and compare quotes.

Pricing for Single Sided Gondolas.

What is the difference between a Gondola Section and a Gondola End?

If you will notice via the illustrations below the Gondola Section includes everything except the second Gondola End as only one Wall End is needed per Wall Section when creating a multi section Gondola Aisle. To complete the Wall Aisle a Wall End is Necessary.

To create a Gondola Aisle of shelving you will start with one section pictured below and add the second and third section to the first and second sections.  As you add the second section to the first section, the first end of the second section will complete the first section of shelving.  When you add the third section to the second section that will complete the second section.  So one end is needed to complete an aisle of shelving.

A Gondola End is used to complete a Wall Aisle of Used Gondola Shelving. For example a 16' Wall Aisle will consist of 4 Wall Gondola Sections and 1 Wall End to complete the Aisle.

Gondola End

The image on the left shows a all the components for one section.  A basic upright and 2 base shoes used to create one end, a back, base shelf, upper, center, and lower spanners, front kick plate, base shore covers and an upright cover.